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Updated: May 11, 2020

So here I am, finally back in the world of Elephant Wings. It’s been a good while since I’ve wrote a blog, mostly due to website bug issues, but also due to me taking on a project for myself…my new home. I’ll share more about that in a few weeks, but I wanted to tell you about a new blog category I’ll be delivering every month, called…

As I’m sure you can probably guess, it will feature each month a piece of design that I love and if money and the restraints of real life weren't an issue, it would be mine!!

Lets start things off then for October with the Albume Collection by Antonio Lupi available from West One Bathrooms.

Image courtesy of

These freestanding washbasins are designed by Carlo Colombo and are described as “Poetry of Opposites”

Image courtesy of

“Albume…alternates between a solid base that expresses strength and a transparent and coloured basin that leaves the role of protagonist to the water”

In plain English it’s the strong contrast between the basin and the pedestal. I think they just look damn cool.

Image courtesy of

Coming in a whole host of colour and material combinations, they really make a striking impact to any washroom and I want one!

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