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Updated: May 10, 2020

So “scientists” have declared that today, Monday 16th January, is officially the most depressing day of the year and has been dubbed 'Blue Monday'…marvelous!!

With that in mind, today is probably a good day to pull a sickie and spend the whole day in bed.

That made me think…what would be the 10 most amazing beds to spend the whole day in??




The ‘Louis’ bedstead from Feather & Black is fully customisable in sizes Single to Emperor and is available in 43 fabrics. My choice would be the ‘Louis’ in Gold for that extra bit of luxury and drama.


Sueno, an independent family run business have been manufacturing beds for over 35 years. I love their ‘Retro Curved Upholstered’ bed with studded detailing and 1950’s vibe. It’s available in Double, King and Super-king and can be ordered in over 40 different fabrics including velvet.


I know, I know…it’s a kids bed, but who cares? If you’re pulling a sick day, you might as well do it in an aeroplane bed!! Inspired by the Disney-Pixar movie ‘Planes’ this bed is custom-made and truly unique from the masters of fantasy, Circu Magical Furniture.


Designed by Paola Navone, the ‘Big Bed’ was inspired by an ‘island’ and is described as “Practically buoyant, you will have your most peaceful dreams in this bed, floating out to sea” Manufactured by Poliform UK it is available in Queen and King size and it comes in 29 fabrics, 4 leathers, and 2 eco-leathers.


This theatrical hot-pink Georgian style bed with canary yellow contrasting piping is perfect to brighten up the most depressing of days, including today. Savoir Beds are experts in luxury bespoke handmade beds from the United Kingdom, first created for the Savoy Hotel in London. They have showrooms around the globe and are known as the ultimate luxury bed manufacturers.


The colour blue is big for 2017 and I can’t get enough of it. The striking ‘Bed Uptown’ from European furniture designers Quintessence in cobalt blue is a stand out piece, especially against an all white background. The fabric is available in numerous colours and patterns to enable you to customise your order.


The solid brass four-poster bed, the ‘Hoxton’ by And So To Bed evokes an ageless classic style. It reminds me of a ‘Great Gatsby’ Art Deco design and oozes old school glamour. Teamed with dark walls it creates the perfect atmosphere for that day off in bed.


I do love a four-poster bed, especially when they are simple and elegant in design like the ‘Martens’ bed by Restoration Hardware. Constructed from solid oak and inspired by 18th century antique furnishings, this luxury bed is understated elegance at its best.


Designed by Sacha Walckhoff, the ‘B-01’ bed by Savoir Beds was inspired by the pocket springs that are handcrafted into the mattresses. The headboard is made entirely of pocket springs, upholstered in ‘Powder’ blue Alcantara, a fabric commonly used in cars, yachts and aircraft. I love its quirky look with the asymmetrical design and a nod to the 1970’s.


So my number one bed to banish the most depressing day of the year is the Hi-Can Smart Bed. This contemporary cocoon bed is the latest in technology and comes complete with Apple TV, HD projector with 70″ screen, WiFi, auto privacy blinds, headrests and footrests, invisible sound system and a touch board embedding into the headboard to control all aspects of the bed.

It doesn’t come cheap mind with prices starting at around £32,000.

However, on days like today the thought of being able to lock yourself away in your luxury cocoon and be transported to anywhere you like, it's money well spent.

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