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Updated: May 11, 2020

Earlier this summer I took a little trip, with my Mother and Father in tow, to the beautiful Cape Cod on the north-eastern side of the United States.

Situated in the state of Massachusetts and only a couple of hours drive from Boston, Cape Cod stretches from the infamous Provincetown in the north to the charming Chatham in the south-east.

One of the largest towns on the Cape is Plymouth, a place that holds great importance in American history and culture by being the settlement place of the English in 1620, is where the Mayflower anchored in the town. The settlers, now commonly know as the pilgrims, disembarked at Plymouth Rock.

This quaint town on the south shore of Cape Cod became the new home of these early settlers and is said to be the birth place of the American holiday, Thanksgiving.

The First Thanksgiving Feast was held here in 1621 and was celebrated by the pilgrims to give thanks to God after a successful harvest in their new settlement.

With a strong British influence, a maritime character, miles of sandy beaches and beautiful green woodlands, it is easy to see how Cape Cod can give inspiration for interior design.

Typical design features reminiscent of the Cape centre around a Colonial style which originated in the 17th Century by the first settlers from England who were carpenters and made their own furniture from the natural materials of the region.

Key features of the Colonial interior style include pure white walls with crown mouldings often painted in a glossy off-white, contrasting with polished wooden flooring and scatter rugs.

Simple neutral paint and wallpaper palettes can be complimented by soft muted colours in nautical blues, sage green, pale pinks and warm yellow furnishings and accessories to capture the beautiful colours of the region.

The use of natural materials, particularly wood with classic detailing and textures such as seagrass, wool and coir help create the relaxed, elegant and classic beach look to any home.

A stunning example of this elegant interior design is the Chatham Bars Inn, a luxury beach resort in my personal favourite town on Cape Cod, Chatham.

Built in 1914, the luxury retreat remains the most exclusive hotel on the Cape and has been host to many famous guests over the years from Henry Ford to William Rockefeller.

Guests can indulge in the sumptuous but understated $100 million refurbished interiors, depicting the traditional Cape Cod style in all of its grandeur.

Why not recreate the colonial look of Cape Cod in your interior design?

Here’s my…



Cape Cod Mood-Board

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