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Updated: May 11, 2020

When it comes to furniture, there is sometimes nothing better than a key vintage piece for your home. The way furniture was lovingly hand made with pride and craftsmanship back in the day, is rarely replicated in todays modern world.

As many of you know, I am a sucker for vintage interiors and particularly mixing the old with the new. The character, charm and history of antique pieces, gives a real contrast to a space when they coincide with modern works.

So, when I stumbled across Earls House on Instagram, I was instantly hooked!

Born out of one lady’s passion for antiques and up-cycling, Earl’s House creator Laura, brings her talent and knowledge to restoring the most beautiful pieces back to their glory.

Coming from a family of antiques dealers, it’s almost inevitable that Laura would start her own business restoring vintage furniture.

Usually in my monthly ‘Wings WishList’ I pick one item, but with Earl’s House I am actually struggling to pick just one favourite.

Laura’s portfolio displays so many beautiful and unique pieces, any of them would feature in my WishList.

But if push comes to shove, I will bite the bullet and pick the ‘1930’s-1940’s Art Deco Sideboard’ as this months design piece.

I adore how Laura has kept the original natural wood of the sideboard but contrasted this with a matt black top and sides. The intricate Art Deco design details on the front have been highlighted too, giving it a modern touch whilst bringing new life to this gorgeous piece.

Attention to detail even continues on the inside, with Art Deco style black and gold lining in the drawers.

Earl’s House will now be a firm favourtie of mine, a small independent business that is run with passion at it’s heart…I hope it’ll become one of your faves too.

Why not see more of Earl’s House by clicking here

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