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Updated: May 10

Scrolling through the endless junk email’s today I suddenly came across one that made me stop in my tracks.

Habitat’s new collaboration with Luke Edward Hall.

Image courtesy of Habitat.co.uk

Straight away my eye was caught by the gorgeous stripped green ‘Spencer’ sofa. The sheer drama and daring use of colour made me want to see more…it’s not for the faint hearted mind!

Image courtesy of Habitat.co.uk

The London artist wanted to bring the boldness of the circus to his collection.

I wanted my collection with Habitat to feel playful, slightly surreal, and very romantic. Inspired partly by the circus, partly my love of mythology, I have reinterpreted several of my favourite motifs in new ways. Luke Edward Hall

It’s clear to see his inspiration of the famous circus top in his bold use of varying shades of green in his ‘Spencer’ sofa design. Other stand out pieces for me are the fabrics, particularly his cushions boasting fringe detailing (personally loving the fringe comeback…been a long time coming)

My favourite though is the eye motif cushion, it reminded me of the old fortune tellers and the “magic eyes” of tarot cards that you found at the circus or fun fairs back in the day. Combined with the strong colour combinations of eclectic blue and brown, I absolutely love it!

Image courtesy of Habitat.co.uk

I’m desperate to use these designs, showcasing them in somewhere like an English Manor House, where the striking colour, use of print and material, will add that sense of fun that is sometimes lacking. I believe Hall has used a playfulness in his designs as a reference point in this collection and something he has managed to achieve in abundance.

The collection also includes bedding, lighting and artwork, all of which are coming soon.

Image courtesy of Habitat.co.uk

Make sure to keep up to date at the Habitat website for when the circus rolls into town!!

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